Cybersec career coaching

30 Min Consultation Call = $70

1 Hr Consultation Call = $105


  • 1hr or 30 Min consulting call to ask me any career questions that you have

    • Getting into the field

    • How I got into the field

    • Best classes to take at your university

    • What career field may suit you

  • Resume editing and critiquing with Google Drive

  • Email consulting for 2 weeks

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Thanks for considering me to help you promote your new product! Below I have explained the terms and conditions for promoting your product.

I will be promoting your product on two platforms that I am currently using for branding. This will be my Instagram ( and Youtube ( Between both of these platforms I have over 4.1K engaging supporters who are constantly growing everyday and will be willing to check out your product and spread the word.

Youtube Branding = $350 (15-20 min video) // $200 (10-15 min video)

The video will provide full review coverage of your product as well as infinite promotion on my channel depending on which video length you pick.

Others will be able to come to my page anytime and view my review of your product and will be provided a link in my description box to take a link at your website.


I will be overlooking your digital product beforehand to plan out the video footage. Filming my process of how software works, how to install it, and demonstrating the features included.

Editing the footage with Final Cut Pro X and IMovie using the best editing techniques to keep viewers attending throughout the entire video. I will be also be working on a great thumbnail

to make sure I continuously attract viewers. As well as optimizing the Youtube SEO to make sure the video promotion continuously gets views. Depending on your choice, I can also include

an in-depth analysis of pros and cons I found in the software either in the video or in a report separate from the video. Once the video is complete I will be sending you a draft before I upload it for mutual review.

Instagram Branding = $50

I will create a 5 min video for my IGTV page that stays up on my page forever. I will also be hosting the video on my insta story for 24 hours so that viewers can check out the IGTV video.

It will be edited using the same software used for Youtube videos. Once the video is complete I will send you a draft of the video to review before posting.

Promotion/Marketing Package = $400 ( for Youtube and Instagram Promotion)

Once the Youtube video is complete and uploaded onto my channel, I will be taking a snippet of the video and posting it onto IGTV on my instagram page for extra promotion. This way my instagram followers will be

able to continuously view the marketing video, click the link to the Youtube video to find out more details about the software, and have access to the link to find out more about the software on your website.

I will need the following information to include in both the Youtube and or Instagram video to provide viewers:

  • Short description of the product

  • 5 best features of the product

  • Who is the product best suited for

  • Best way to find information about the product

  • Any social media accounts to check out updates for the product

  • Security features offered in the product to make customers feel more secure about their data

Legal Terms

To ensure that I have full permission to review, test, and market your product I will be sending over a contract detailing everything that will be performed for the branding process so that we have a mutual agreement on tasks performed.

I will also be sending over an invoice with half the service price as a deposit that MUST be paid within 24 hours of the original sending time. Once all the contract terms have been met and the videos have been approved by the client, the other half of the invoice will need to be paid within 24 hours of the posting date or the videos will be taken down and you will not be refunded the down deposit.

If for any reason you would like to terminate my services after the deposit has been paid you will need to inform me 72 hours after it has been paid. This will need to be communicated through email. If you let me know anytime after that the deposit will not be refunded and all services will cease.