I'M A B0$$

So for this particular blog post I am super excited yet super disappointed for different reasons.  

Let's start with the positive stuff... 

I got both of my crashing python applications to work!!! I know, I know, I'm a B0$$ ♕ . I stated in my previous post that I found a way to remote into my pi as well as set up screen sharing for it. I followed Hacker House's tutorial on YouTube to complete this.  

Raspberry Pi VNC Screen Sharing on a Mac  

I was able to film the process on my Mac of fixing the "GUI" application as well as my "Web Browser" with the screen sharing set up on my pi. You guys don't know how happy I am to see both of these programs up and fully running, and to say I built them and fixed them on my own is super exciting. As you guys know, I am an aspiring application security engineer and hopefully I can find ways to hack these applications I have built someday. (soon... 😉) 



Now the bad news... 

Unfortunately, I will not be carrying on with my "find how to make these things run on mac without the pi" has come to an end. It's been taking a lot a time away from me really learning how to code in python. Even though it was extremely fun for me to treasure hunt for the fixes it was very time consuming. (shout out to Stack Overflow and Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange) I am trying to keep a daily streak of me coding, reading, and learning an although I was doing that with my previous mission, it was holding me back from moving forward and achieving my goals. Which brings me to the lesson this taught me: You may hit blocks in your journey but you always find a way to work around them and keep going. Don't ever give up on your ultimate plan and keep pushing.  



I also want to inspire more people to tinker and build things with this powerful, tiny computer and to create their own projects. Also, how am I going to learn how to code python with raspberry pi if I'm not coding with my raspberry pi. (????? ) I will have a video posted soon of the visual process of all of this good stuff soon!

Thanks for reading!!!