Updated GUI features, Crashes, and VNC server

Welcome back!

So recently I updated the “GUI” program to be more interactive. This was not a part of the original program the book walks you through building but an extra exercise for learning. In this exercise I learned how to add color controls to the spin box that controls the direction the turtle moves. The color choices are “red”, “blue”, and “green” with the addition of being able to change the color range from 0-255. Along with all of this I also built a “Colour” button to set the desired color after ranges have been set.

new gui functions.gif


Unfortunately, the program is still crashing out upon the first touch of the turtle window and I will have to run it again to make the spin box appear. After crashing out it will produce a crash report. (I honestly don’t know what it’s referring to in this crash report but it would be a good idea to look through and see if I can find the issue… duh) I've reached out to a few of my fellow programmers on twitter to see if they could help with this. I still think that my program is crashing out because I don’t have a strong enough processor power or RAM to be able to run the specific parts of code on my MacBook Air.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (2).gif
Actually reading through the crash report and finding that it does actaully show which "thread" crashed..

Actually reading through the crash report and finding that it does actaully show which "thread" crashed..

Any who, I have decided to take out my babies. Yes, that’s right, my Raspberry Pi’s, and start trying to troubleshoot that way. I know in my last YouTube video I said there is no way for me to film what I am typing but recently I just found out a way. I can record my Raspberry Pi screen through my MacBook by remoting into the Pi using VNC (Virtual Networking Computing:  a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB) to remotely control another computer). So for the next video I will be showing you guys the entire process from me setting up the VNC server to me rebuilding the code to work for my Raspberry Pi.



I am hoping this fixes my crash issues because now that I am in chapter five of “Learning Python with Raspberry Pi” I will be building games. Which I figure require a lot more horsepower than the small projects I have been building before. So I want to make sure most of my projects are stable before moving on. I realized I may have to turn away from the fun of figuring out how to make these work on my MacBook. I’m all for efficiency and showing you guys how fun it is to build things with a programming language so I have accepted that some sacrifices have to be made. Although, I am SUPER excited about this and can’t wait for you guys to see my final product in the YouTube video.


Thanks for reading!