My brain just exploded..

In Chapter 3 we actually dive into python basics. There were many different types of programs I built throughout this chapter, many of which I will have to go back and review. The program I decided to build for this post was the"student database". But I always put my own little twist to the programs I build, so this database was called "Digital Empress Database".

I'm still not sure what I i'm doing wrong (LOL) but I shall figure it out soon. So there will eventually be a part 2 blog post and video of my fixes. Overall, the chapter was filled with different instructional programs that expands greatly on your beginner knowledge of this language. I also noticed how fun math was to learn with python in this chapter personally. Learning how to use numerical operators in python is way more fun than learning math in a classroom.

Here are some of the things I learned reading this chapter:

float and bool: allow you to store numbers.

float = a floating number (9.0) 

boolean = true or false

string: can use these to store any size text you may need for your program

sequences: simple data structures involving two sorts: lists and tuples

lists = can be created by closing brackets []

tuples= created by round ones ()

while loop: keep repeating until condition is false

for loop: operate on every item in a collection of data


PSA: Since yesterday was Friday the 13th coding this program up was my little ritual. I was also able to get a youtube video up to show my process on building the code. Go me! ♛

On to the Digital Empress Database..

Below is my final code after doing as much troubleshooting as I possible could last night:

written in atom IDE

written in atom IDE

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 2.38.12 PM.png

So after running this program I noticed it wasn't like the flower or cat and mouse program at all. Everything is run in the python interpreter and not in a seperate window.

Here is how my code runs after running bits and pieces of it in the interpreter.

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 3.40.06 PM.png

I can see from all the red I think I will have to go back correct my errors but from this output I think I'm pretty close to making this work.

Below is a gif of what I did below to get this output: (1).gif

After rendering this gif and watching how this code is functions I think these will be quick fixes.


Thanks for reading! ♛