Tailor Tolliver

The Digital Empress


DIGITAL Entrepreneur / Full-Time Security Analyst

I am a:

  • Security Engineer

  • Tech Career Consultant

  • Branding Strategist

Iโ€™ve always had a passion for being behind a computer screen and making magic happen. I am a full-time contractor for HMSHost as a Security Engineer and a part-time entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, I give advice to those looking to get into the tech field, account security advice, and mentorship.

Creator / Online Personality

I am a Youtube creator who shares stories about my freelancing journey, beauty, and lifestyle advice. I want to encourage those in tech to follow their dreams but to also stop and remember to take care of their well-being and put themselves first when needed. I am a huge believer of the self-care movement and want to make sure we are all healthy and feeling our best while working on our futures tech. Check out my content under the โ€œMediaโ€ section above.


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I run an online digital community to help blacks in tech network and feel more empowered in the field. I bring together developers, hackers, mentors, graphic designers, etc to spread knowledge, communicate issues, reach their full potential, all while being ourselves. For more updates from the Digital Empire follow us on Twitter and Instagram. If you would like to work with the Digital Empire shoot us an email at BookDigitalEmpire@gmail.com or if you would like us to match you with a developer within our community for web and app design complete the form below:

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